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Professional " Bait Rolling " Services : est - 2008

Cov Red Boilies Carp Fishing

Cov Red Boilies

Tel : 02476 311617 or 07703 067 592

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Professional Bait Rolling Services - Coventry UK - Midlands Bait Rolling Services, Affordable solutions for your baiting strategies, Call Andy anytime to discuss your requirements and needs for a successful baiting campaign or the need for freshly rolled bait at competitive prices, Bait rolling services provided for the individual or Bait Companies, guaranteed perfect Baits and on time solutions, no order too small or too big!!

Tel : 02476 311617 or 07703 067 592

Bait Rolling Service The Midlands / National and Uk Bait Rolling for carp Fishing Baits.

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Bait Rolling Companies in the Midlands and UK

02476 311 617

Give us a call to discuss our brand new BAIT - THE RED FISHMEAL SPECIAL, Available now in 15mm and 18mm rolled baits

All our Baits are rolled inhouse and we ensure a FRESH rolled product everytime

Our standards are high, our Boilies are round, no compromise on perfection , thats our promise.

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Rolling Baits since 2008

Bait Rolling Service for everyone, call now for a fast easy quote for any order !! We roll any bait.

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High End Carp Fishing Bait Supplier in the Midlands, Coventry Bait Rolling Service are the team to call when you require bespoke, perfectly round baits for your carp fishing campaigns in the Uk and abroad


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Coventry Bait Rolling Service
- Welcome to our website

We roll any mix , from personal mixes to contract rolling and pride ourselves on delivering a 1st class experience to old and new customers, we have the experience and the fortitude to deliver a perfect bait everytime and always go that extra mile to make you happy.

If you have not tried our inhouse bait yet, give us a call to discuss what we have to offer, we are developing our range daily and can now offer you a quality bait that catches fish from home and abroad - Andy

We have now moved into new premises which offer more room and to take the new equipment being installed that will enable us to offer you a wider variety of sizes that can be rolled !!

For many years I have rolled my own baits like many of you have, using various products available. Due to commitments I then looked for a professional local company to do this for me but found very few in my area, There seemed to be a lack of independent rollers willing to roll baits other than the ones they stocked or make themselves.

Recently my circumstances have changed I decided to create Coventry Bait Rolling Service to fill the gap. After a great deal of time and effort the bait rolling service is now up and running, that was back in 2008 and here we still are.

There are many reasons to use a bait rolling service, lack of time, no antisocial smells in the house or maybe the volume of Bait you require is far more than you want to roll yourself.  Whatever your situation, please feel free to call to discuss your requirements at anytime.

bait rolling service

First fish in on the Bait , 2 X 30lb fish landed from Monks Pit in Cambridgeshire, thanks Steve, The Red Fish Boilies are always in stock - Frozen baits or can be freshly rolled for you while you wait or collected / sent to you on a day of your choosing..carp fishing bait suppliers of Cov Red Boilies- NEWS in a 40lb 14oz mirror caught on the Cov Red Boilies - Bait Supplier

Cov Red Boilies

Contact Andy on : 0770 306 7592  - 02476 311 617

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